Who we are


Luigi Fusaro, a continuously evolving story since 1893.

Since 1893 we have put men's fashion at the center of our universe, in the continuous search for the union between elegance and style, to accompany men every day, throughout their lives. Our project is constantly evolving, like the modern man who inspires us, and to whom we constantly return. A classic gentleman, a healthy bearer of contemporary and transversal elegance, who wants to live in the spirit of naturalness, style and freedom.


Continuity, identity and evolution.

They are three words that have always colored the pages of our company and inspired our collections. Behind every single garment there is a great deal of research and development; a game of balance between shapes and combinations, which is based on the very high quality of the materials, excellent workmanship and obsessive attention to detail.
The Luigi Fusaro collections are characterized by a classic, sporty and bold style, intended for the modern man who needs to combine comfort and taste on every occasion, be it a ceremony, a work appointment or free time.